Experiential Marketing
and organization of events in a high

voltage format

You are just one step away from gaining authority and positioning yourself as an expert in your sector. Don´t be afraid to light up your brand and stop burning unnecessary cartridges.

Feel the power of being unstoppable

I am convinced that at some point you must have found yourself dreaming about the recognition you deserve. And I´m also sure that you have already set up some kind of strategy to reach it. But, hey!, there is always something that doesn´t work out. I´m going to tell you a secret: Event Marketing will be your starting gun to a new stage in your business. This is what I have to offer:

Organization of
Experiential Events

The most straightforward way to connect with your audience

Imagine everything that you can do: presentations of your new services and products, conventions, presentations of all kinds or any live events, digital or hybrid, actions with influencers, team buildings or any crazy idea that crosses your mind. Even if your goal is to fill up the meeting room chosen for your event or selling out all the tickets for your event at the Camp Nou, you are at the right place, from here you can initiate any action you require.

If you wish to connect with your audience in a definitive way and succeed in getting your message across, Event Marketing is the tool you are after.
Since it´s not about doing more. It´s about doing it strategically.


Would you like to organize an event but don´t know how to get started?

If you want to organize your own event but don´t know how, I will help you design an experience full of power that will impact and transform your audience.
It doesn´t matter which kind of event it may be, whether it´s a presentation of your new services and products, live conventions, digital or hybrid, on stage selling, actions with influencers or any kind of event which might cross your mind.

Conferences with highdoses of energy

Let´s rock your stage, baby!

Are you looking for an expert with more than 15 years´ experience in the Event marketing sector to add value to your event, school or company?
I will be delighted to share my knowledge and prepare a speech which will be 100% adapted to your needs and the level of knowledge of your audience.

Looking forward to it?

La primera y única escuela de Event Makers® del mundo

Aprende los secretos del mundo de la organización
de eventos experienciales

Tras tantos años dedicada al Event Marketing, me he dado cuenta de que la poca formación que hay en este campo está plagada de teoría inútil que queda genial sobre el papel (todo hay que decirlo), pero que de poco sirve en el día a día.
Así que un día me lié la manta a la cabeza y decidí cambiarlo.

¿El resultado? Una escuela dedicada a promover la organización de eventos experienciales presenciales, digitales e híbridos desde una óptica realista, práctica y adaptada a todos los públicos. Porque la formación que necesita una empresa que quiere amplificar su marca no es la misma que la que precisa un emprendedor en busca de nuevas formas de dar a conocer su proyecto.

He estado en ambas situaciones y conozco los retos a los que se enfrenta cada profesional.
Por eso, desde la Escuela de Event Makers® hemos desarrollado diferentes cursos que responden a la demanda de diversos perfiles. Y es que lo tengo más que comprobado: el Event Marketing sí es para todo el mundo.

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