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With over 15 years’ experience in the sector, I´m convinced that there is nothing more powerful than connecting live with people.

I know it.

Giving life to your ideas

Organising events is the
most direct, surprising
and exciting way to connect with your

Take a look, you are going to love this:

I am Nadia Nemer,
entrepreneur, expert in Event
Marketing and creator
of the School of
Event Makers®

This is my
most ambitious project

With my events I have helped hundreds of clients in Spain, Latin America and the United States to cause an impact through Event Marketing. I simply adore all kinds of events from any sector.
I like challenges and rock and roll.

After having organised hundreds of events, I felt that it was the time to share with the world everything I had learnt over these past years.
Yes, nowadays almost anyone can organise an event or jump on a stage, but doing so in a professional and strategic manner, is reserved only for those that know the art of Event Marketing.

Formations and workshops also have their secrets. And these are revealed only after years and years of experience. You have my word.

In the School of Event Makers, I share for the first time, all the key elements for you to cause an impact on your clients too, thanks to the organisation of different kinds of events, step by step.

On top of that, I have organised the school in a gradual manner. Whatever your level of experience, you can start putting into practice my strategies from the first day.

Imagine everything that could happen if you stopped dreaming and started “doing”.

It all started
with an event

Marketing Rocks paved the way

And was the exception that confirmed the rule.

They say that the best things in life are those that aren`t planned. As you can imagine, the events organiser within me does not believe in that sentence. But life wanted my business to start powerfully thanks to a success I hadn´t planned.

In 2017 I decided to say goodbye to my boss and start my own project. I wasn´t too sure of what I was doing, but I clearly knew that my rock and roll heart would take me far.

That is how I organised my first Marketing event in Mallorca (Spain). It was then when I discovered that my place was between stages, backstages and heaps of ideas.

All of this racket is managed from Nemer Studio

My Event Marketing company

The day had come. I needed to combine everything I did under a single roof. That`s how Nemer Studio came into being, a kind of base camp from which I manage my services for brands that wish to communicate, connect and improve their sales via Event Marketing with a clear and defined strategy.

Over these more than 15 years dedicated to Event marketing I have lived moments I will never forget. I would love to share them with you.

And my life filled up
with rock & roll

From Marketing Rocks to Woman Rocks

Soon I found myself organising what would become the biggest marketing and business congress of the Balearic Isles. I´m talking about Marketing Rocks.

Nowadays we are still rocking and pumping hope, strategy and shared knowledge.
Yet despite the great (excellent!) welcome, there was something that didn´t stop bothering me: I also wanted to share with the small entrepreneurs and especially with women like me, the experience I had accumulated over the years.
This is how Woman Rocks came into existence, a community for women entrepreneurs that want to turn their passion into a successful business.

We have already carried out several editions in Spain, Latin America and the United States… and we are just getting started.

A curious fact about me

Did you know that “Nemer” means “tiger” in Arab?
(It´s also my favourite animal!)

If my life was a tv series,

these would be the three chapters
you shouldn´t miss

When I started my first business aged 17.

My first entrepreneurial experience involved a cultural and a touristic magazine in my country, Bolivia.

When I left everything behind and decided to live adventures on the other side of the world

To study a Master in Corporate Communication and Marketing and grow professionally.

When I quit my job, created my own company and bet it all for my project

And ended up creating events such as Marketing Rocks, Woman Rocks or working for companies like Ikea, Porsche, Carrefour or the Cirque du Soleil.

Because I´m here to
make you shine

All of the events and companies I have created have a common goal: that both you and your brand become incredibly popular.

But soon I experienced a terrible blow that would change the course of my life forever.

I´m talking about my father. He had always been my role model: a man that loved his company and fought for his dreams.

At the age of forty he suffered a terrible illness and my family was never the same again. Following an unbearable situation, only my younger sisters, my father and I remained.

I hadn`t even turned thirteen, when I had to start leading the family.

Et voilà!
Behold my
most personal side.

The story of overcoming of an entrepreneur who started living in a creative way since an early age.

As a young girl I felt a huge curiosity for the world of ideas. I spent hours and hours designing concepts and companies until I set up my first “business” when I was only 5. That was when I decided to sell stickers at school. The truth is that it went really well!

Tireless, I also started selling lemonade to my neighbours. All an adventure in those days. I even managed to convince my younger cousins to join me in my project over the week ends!

And that was only the beginning. Followed by other projects such as selling perfumes or jewellery by catalogue…or opening a pop up shop that sold second hand clothes…The small entrepreneur within me couldn´t hold still for a second.

That experience made me become the person that I am today.

When the time came for me to choose a career, I was about to begin studying architecture like my father, however I finally chose Business Administration.

Amidst this whole situation, began the journeys that led me to live for some periods of time in different countries: Brasil, United States, Argentina, Costa Rica… Yet my biggest dream was to live in Europe, more specifically in Barcelona.

Thus, as soon as I turned 21, I decided to leave everything behind and travel alone to the other side of the world. The moment to live my dream had arrived: studying a Master in Marketing and Corporate Communication in Barcelona.

I lived there for a year until fate determined that I should go to Santiago de
Compostela to finally end up in Palma de Mallorca. Nowadays I live between Spain and Latin America.

The remaining story of this Bolivian with Croatian and Lebanese roots can be found within the pixels of this web. I live my days between travels, events and conventions.

This makes me feel
very much alive and

You have seen me on

Do you also want to make your dreams come true through high doses of CREATIVITY and POWER?

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