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How about building up your brand full of power?

This is the most direct, powerful and exciting way to connect with your clients, positioning yourself as the professional that you are.
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Creating and organising
experiential events

Professionalism, speed and passion for detail.

An event must run smoothly. Taking care of unexpected changes, adapting to those changes quickly and finding new solutions is part of my day to day.

I suggest the following plan: I will make sure that no detail has been overlooked in the creation, organisation and coordination of your great day and you can dedicate yourself to enjoying it and shine like there is no tomorrow!

I’m your
speakeron fire

How about giving the stage some extra energy?

If there is something I love in this life it`s to share what I have learnt over the years as an entrepreneur and expert in Event Marketing. If you are looking for a speaker for your event, school or company with a distinctive, fun and modern message, I´m your girl. Prepare the lights and connect the mikes… The show is about to start!!

Escuela de
Event Makers®

Donde lo digital es la norma, la experiencia se convierte en lujo

Si quieres aprender a conquistar el arte de los eventos, ya sean presenciales, digitales o híbridos, lo tuyo es la Escuela de Event Makers®, la primera escuela de organización de eventos del mundo en la que aprenderás de forma 100% práctica cómo crear, planificar y desarrollar eventos que impactan.

Descubrirás el camino para utilizar el Event Marketing como tu arma secreta, las claves para lograr que cualquier evento sea inolvidable.

Tanto si ya tienes una trayectoria en el mundo de los eventos como si aún lo ves como un sueño, en la Escuela de Event Makers® encontrarás un curso a tu medida.

Recuerda: Experience is the new black.

Increase in notoriety, recognition,
positioning, engagement, new clients, becoming popular…

Nadia Nemer

It´s the E.M.P. (Event Marketing Power) effect and you can experience it too.


They have already experienced
the EMP effect

Do you have something in mind and
would like to convert it into
a high voltage experience?

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